5 Concrete Signs That Your Person Has Changed You (For The Worse)

While healthy relationships often result in personal growth, some connections can negatively affect us without us realizing it. Here are five concrete signs that someone in your life has changed you for the worse.

You’ve Started Neglecting Your Passions

If you find yourself spending less time on activities you once loved, it may indicate that your relationship is negatively impacting your personal interests. Your passions should not take a backseat due to someone else’s influence.

You’re Constantly Anxious

Increased anxiety can be a clear sign that a relationship is negatively affecting your emotional well-being. If you feel nervous or uneasy more often than not, it’s time to evaluate the root cause.

You’ve Lost Touch with Friends

When a relationship consumes your life to the extent that your friendships start to suffer, it’s a major red flag. Healthy relationships should allow space for maintaining your personal relationships outside of it.

Your Self-Esteem Has Plummeted

A relationship that makes you question your self-worth is a detrimental one. If you notice a decline in your self-esteem, it could be a sign that your relationship is impacting you negatively.

You’re Not the Same Person Anymore

If you hardly recognize the person you’ve become, it could be a significant sign that your relationship is changing you for the worse. Changes in personality, behavior, or attitude that are out of character warrant attention and reflection.


Recognizing these signs can help you evaluate your relationship objectively and take the necessary steps toward positive change. Remember, a healthy relationship encourages growth, respects boundaries, and cherishes your individuality.


What should I do if I see these signs in my relationship?

Start by having an open conversation with your partner about your feelings. If the situation doesn’t improve, consider seeking professional help or advice.

Is it normal for a relationship to change me?

Relationships inevitably lead to personal growth and change. However, these changes should be positive, enhancing your life rather than diminishing it.

Can I recover from the negative changes?

Yes, with time, self-care, and possibly professional guidance, you can recover and rediscover your true self.

How can I prevent a relationship from changing me for the worse?

Stay self-aware, keep clear boundaries, and maintain a balance between your personal and shared life.

Is it always the other person’s fault if the relationship changes me for the worse?

While it’s important to evaluate the other person’s influence, it’s also essential to take responsibility for our own well-being and the decisions we make.