Dog Asking Human To Put Deodorant On Him Is Downright Hilarious

Dogs never cease to amuse us with their antics, but one dog’s hilarious request for a dab of deodorant is taking the internet by storm. It’s an unexpected, hilarious interaction that shows just how endearing and entertaining our canine friends can be.

The Hilarious Incident

In the viral video, the dog is seen patiently standing, lifting her paw as her human companion applies deodorant under her ‘armpit’. The pup appears to enjoy the ritual, wagging her tail and displaying a happy demeanor. Her earnestness, coupled with the absurdity of the situation, makes the video a delightful watch, invoking hearty laughter among viewers.

Why the Dog Might Behave This Way

While dogs don’t need deodorant as humans do, they can often pick up on our habits and routines. This dog may have associated the action of applying deodorant with attention, care, or even a fun game, leading to her seemingly humorous request.

Dogs and Human Behaviours

Dogs are highly observant animals, capable of learning and mimicking human behaviors. They’re also great at figuring out how to get our attention and engage with us, often leading to amusing interactions.

The Power of Social Media in Sharing Fun Pet Moments

Social media platforms have become a popular venue for sharing pet stories and videos. They allow us to share and enjoy funny, heartwarming, and unique moments from pet owners around the world, much like this hilarious ‘doggy deodorant’ incident.


This dog asking her human to put deodorant on her is a testament to the endless entertainment our pets provide. It’s moments like these that remind us of the joy, laughter, and unexpected hilarity that pets can bring into our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need deodorant?

No, dogs do not require deodorant. Any unusual smell should be investigated by a vet.

Can dogs mimic human behavior?

Yes, dogs are highly observant and can learn to mimic certain human behaviors.

Why would a dog want to have deodorant applied?

It’s likely that the dog associates the act with attention or a fun game, rather than the deodorant itself.

Is it safe to apply deodorant on a dog?

Generally, it’s not recommended to apply human products like deodorant on dogs as they can cause irritation or harm.

What’s the role of social media in sharing pet moments?

Social media platforms have become a popular venue for sharing, viewing, and enjoying funny, heartwarming, and unique pet moments around the world.

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