This Week Will Be Great For These 3 Zodiac Signs

The sky is highly dynamic, and the available energies are brimming with enchantment and opportunity. Granted, there is always a catch that necessitates our participation, but these three zodiac signs will have the nicest week from June 15 to June 21. In the meantime, consider your manifestations, as the approaching transits are associated with reproduction and expansion. In addition, three planets will change signs this week—this is not a drill!

Mercury, the messenger, has finally moved into direct motion, but it’s crucial to keep an eye on what comes up (at least until the post-retrograde shadow ends on June 31).

This is especially important to consider this week, as lucky Jupiter joins Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The moon enters fiery Aries this week, pushing us to assert ourselves and act on our feelings, while its ruler (Mars) forms a harmonious trine with dreamy Neptune.

Traditional astrology says that the red planet is to its detriment when it transits Cancer, yet this softhearted combination is actually drawing us within and replacing our “sword” with compassion and insight. This is an ideal time for self-care, contemplation, and spiritual endeavors.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, knowledge, and prosperity, makes its official debut in the security-seeking sign of Taurus on June 16, for the first time in 12 years. This is always exciting because its colossal presence will offer benefits and support to a different section of your natal chart.

And, while Pluto’s retrograde influence is certain to cause some anxiety, a new moon in Taurus (on June 19) will provide you with the opportunity to commit to something profitable and stable. As if this wasn’t enough astrological energy, Mars will eventually enter the fiery sign of Leo on June 20, just in time for Gemini season. Double the trouble with a dash of sass? Absolutely. If your sun sign and/or rising sign fall under any of the following zodiac signs, here’s why you’re feeling good this week:


You’re one step closer to making your goals a reality. To begin, the moon’s entry into Aries at the beginning of the week will trigger an intuitive trine between Mars in your sign and Neptune. Follow your intuitive insight as it leads you forward. After all, with fortunate Jupiter entering Taurus the next day, bringing expansion to your community affairs, social efforts, and sense of belonging in the world, it’s safe to say you’ll soon reap your reward.

Opportunities June appear out of nowhere, but you already have a sense of what’s to come. A new moon in Taurus on June 19 couldn’t come at a better time, since you’re being introduced to a new value system, particularly in terms of your beliefs. With Mars entering your money and sensual pleasures-seeking second house, you’re ready to capitalize on your talents, skills, and abilities.


Your solar season has been jam-packed with transits, making the desire to “stop and smell the roses” more difficult to achieve, but it’s time to relish in the benefits that are on their way. Meanwhile, consider where you were 12 years ago, as Jupiter, the planet of riches, wisdom, and expansion, will return to your sign on June 16.

However, the next 12 months will be extremely lucky for you, as the most abundant planet in the solar system will offer you a fortune and cosmic enlightenment.

There is fertile ground for you to plant your intentions, and the new moon this week will revive itself in your sign on June 19. Make a wish, and it will come true!


Spending time with loved ones at the start of the week could be beneficial in more ways than one, especially because the moon is in your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations. This will also reinforce the Mars-Neptune trine, emphasizing your relationship and communication sector.

This is a nice and supporting feature, whether creatively or as an opportunity to enhance your emotional relationships.

If you want to be creative, Jupiter will make its first appearance in Taurus, your fifth house of creativity, passion projects, and self-expression, on June 16. The following year will be all about you, your inner child, and your favorite musings.

And if you’re feeling compelled to get started, take advantage of the energy of the Taurus new moon on June 19. It’s time to consider how you June best promote your talents and abilities.

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