10 Most Famous Cats in History


Highlight the enduring popularity and impact these cats have had on popular culture and society.

Grumpy Cat

Share the story of Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation known for her permanently grumpy facial expression.

Felix the Cat

Explore the legacy of Felix the Cat, one of the first animated cartoon characters

Morris the Cat

Discuss his long-running advertising campaign and how he became an iconic feline figure in the pet food industry

Dewey Readmore Books

Tell the heartwarming tale of Dewey, the library cat who became a symbol of hope and inspiration for his small town

Simon the Ship's Cat

Dive into the story of Simon, a brave cat who served aboard the HMS Amethyst during the Yangtze Incident.

Keyboard Cat

Discuss the viral sensation Keyboard Cat, known for his appearances in humorous videos where he "plays" a keyboard

Reverse Sneezing in Cats