5 Everyday Commands Your Dog Needs to Know

Dog's Name

Start by calling your dog by their name. Reward them with a treat when they look at you upon hearing their name. With consistent practice, they'll respond to their name reliably.

The 'Sit' Command

After your dog learns their name, teach them the 'sit' command. Use a hand gesture and the word 'sit', rewarding them with a treat when they sit. This reinforces the behavior.

Peeing Outside the House

Dogs often show signs when they need to pee. Keep their collar near the door and take them outside when they show these signs. Reward them with praise when they pee outside.

The 'Come' Command

Hold a treat and say 'come', moving away from your dog. Keep repeating the command until they come to you, then reward them with the treat. This reinforces the 'come' command.

The 'Settle' Command

Teach your dog the 'settle' command to calm them when they're too excited. Say 'settle' until they calm down and sit, then praise them and give them a small treat.

Importance of Commands

These commands can significantly improve your relationship with your dog, enhancing communication and understanding between you both. Consistent practice is key to success.

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