5 Pet Snakes That Don't Need to Eat Rodents


Find out about 5 interesting snake species that offer unique ways to eat for people who like reptiles.

Garter Snakes

Find out why it's good to give these slim, active snakes food from the water.

Green Tree Pythons

Find out the obstacles and benefits of giving these tree-dwelling snakes a varied diet.

Rough-Scaled Sand Boas

Find the rough-scaled sand boas. They have adapted to eat lizards and frogs because that is what they eat best

Rainbow Boas

Find out how complicated it is to feed these beautiful snakes what they like to eat.

King Snakes

Find out about king snakes, which are known as "opportunistic feeders" because they can eat a wide range of animals

Feeding Considerations

 Explore safety steps, dietary needs, and ethical choices to make sure your reptile friend stays healthy.

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