7 Reasons Why Your Cat Sits Next to You


Highlight that cats have individual preferences and behaviors that influence their choice of sitting location.

Personal Space

Discuss how some cats may prefer sitting next to their owners to maintain a comfortable distance while still enjoying their presence.

Temperature Preference

Discuss how cats are sensitive to temperature and may choose to sit next to their owners for warmth or to avoid overheating

Territorial Instincts

Explore the territorial nature of cats and how some cats prefer to establish their territory by sitting next to their owners rather than on their laps

Independence and Autonomy

Explain how sitting next to their owners gives them the opportunity to be close without feeling confined or restricted.

Individual Personality

 Emphasize that each cat has a unique personality, and their preference for sitting next to their owners

Comfort and Trust

Discuss that cats choose their preferred sitting spots based on comfort and trust

Dirty Cat Ears or Ear Mites