Bar-headed Goose at San Antonio Aquarium


Discover the captivating story behind this remarkable avian resident and its importance for wildlife education

The Bar-headed Goose

Explore the remarkable abilities of the Bar-headed Goose, known for its incredible altitude records and long-distance migrations

Migration Strategies of the Bar-headed Goose

Explore the impressive migratory journey of the Bar-headed Goose. Discuss its remarkable ability to fly over the Himalayas

Behavior and Social Structure

Uncover the social dynamics and behavior patterns of the Bar-headed Goose. Discuss its flocking behavior, mate selection

Conservation of the Bar-headed Goose

Highlight the conservation efforts focused on protecting the Bar-headed Goose and its habitat

Connecting with Wildlife

Discover the broader mission of the San Antonio Aquarium in promoting wildlife conservation and education

Fascinating Facts about the Bar-headed Goose

Delve into intriguing facts and trivia about the Bar-headed Goose. Share captivating details about its annual migrations

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