Birth of a White Tiger to Orange Parents in a Zoo

The Marvel of Nature

a captivating event that defies the usual color patterns observed in these majestic creatures.

Unraveling the Genetics

delving into the inheritance of color variations and the specific genetic anomaly that leads to white coat coloration.

Significance of White Tigers

Discover the significance of white tigers in conservation efforts, as they serve as charismatic ambassadors for their endangered counterparts

Understanding Color Variation

ranging from the typical orange coat to the rare occurrence of white coat coloration, which is caused by a recessive gene.

Conservation Challenges

 Gain insights into the conservation challenges faced by white tigers, including the potential health issues associated with their genetic makeup 

Education and Awareness

highlighting the significance of captive breeding programs and genetic diversity management.

Celebrating Diversity

appreciating the rare occurrence of a white tiger born to orange parents as a testament to the wonders of nature

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