Blind Cow Finds Happiness at Sanctuary


This is a moving story about how strong and kind people can be. Find out about the path of change and the power of love and care.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

 Explore the different games, toys, and relationships that make it happy and stimulate its senses.

Building Trust and Bonding

Find out how these links help the cow's emotional health and well-being as a whole.

Embracing the Senses

Learn about the amazing ways it moves through its environment and finds happiness through touch, sound, and smell.

A Life of Fulfillment

See how much care is taken to make sure the cow is happy, from giving it enough room to making sure it has good company.

Inspiring Others

Think about the blind cow's story and what it can teach us about kindness and taking care of animals


Accept the power of kindness, the strength of animals, and the huge difference a refuge can make in the lives of animals in need

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