Carpet Roses vs. Drift Roses


Discover the beauty and versatility of Carpet Roses and Drift Roses, two stunning groundcover rose varieties

Growth Habits and Size

Learn about their compact, low-growing nature and how they spread to form a lush groundcover in your garden.

Flower Characteristics

Compare their bloom sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns to find the perfect groundcover rose that matches your aesthetic preferences.

 Maintenance Requirements

Learn about the maintenance requirements of Carpet Roses and Drift Roses. Discover their tolerance to diseases, pest resistance, pruning needs

Landscape Applications

Explore the various ways Carpet Roses and Drift Roses can be used in landscaping. From borders and edging to slopes and containers

Suitability for Different Climate

 Understand the adaptability of Carpet Roses and Drift Roses to different climates. Explore their tolerance to heat, cold, humidity, and drought

Design Tips

Get inspired with design tips and ideas for incorporating Carpet Roses and Drift Roses into your garden

Growing Roses in Oregon