Dealing with Common Cat Health Issues


Cats can't tell us when they're feeling unwell. Learn to identify and deal with common cat health issues effectively.


Signs include difficulty urinating, blood in urine, and frequent licking of the urinary area. Seek immediate veterinary assistance if noticed.


While occasional vomiting isn't unusual, frequent or bloody vomit needs prompt veterinary attention.

Dental Disease

Bad breath, yellow teeth, and difficulty eating may signal dental problems. Regular dental check-ups are crucial.


Constant scratching, redness, hair loss, and tiny dark spots in fur can indicate a flea infestation. Use prescribed flea treatments only.


Excessive drinking, increased urination, weight loss, and lethargy are signs of diabetes in cats. Regular check-ups help early detection.

Eye Problems

Watery eyes, redness, cloudiness, or inflammation can signal eye problems. Consult a vet for the appropriate treatment.

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