Do Cats Like Blankets

The Attraction to Blankets

Uncover why many cats are naturally drawn to blankets and explore the possible reasons behind their attraction

Seeking Warmth and Comfort

Learn how cats seek warmth and comfort, and why blankets provide them with a cozy and secure spot to relax and nap

Nesting and Creating a Safe Space

Explore the instinctual behaviors related to nesting and how blankets can fulfill these needs for your cat.

 Kneading and Paddling

Understand the fascinating behavior of kneading and paddling, often seen when cats interact with blankets.

Blanket as a Territory Marker

Explore how cats may use blankets as a way to mark their territory and create a familiar scent

Choosing the Right Blanket

Discover tips for selecting the perfect blanket for your cat, considering factors such as material, size, and texture

Respecting Your Cat's Preferences

Respect your cat's individual choices and provide a variety of options to cater to their comfort.

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