Endangered Paradox and Their Impact on Ecosystems


Introduce the paradox surrounding koalas: being an endangered species while also causing ecological challenges

Endangered Status

Discuss the main factors contributing to the endangered status of koalas. Highlight habitat loss, climate change, bushfires, disease

Population Boom

 Explore the unexpected population boom of koalas in certain regions. Discuss the factors that contributed to their increased numbers

Ecological Challenges

Explain the ecological challenges caused by the abundance of koalas. Discuss the overbrowsing of eucalyptus trees, habitat degradation

Eucalyptus Trees

Highlight the crucial relationship between koalas and eucalyptus trees. Explain how koalas rely on eucalyptus leaves for food and shelter

Wildlife Management

Discuss the importance of wildlife management strategies in addressing the challenges posed by koalas. Explore initiatives such as habitat restoration

Conservation Efforts

Shed light on the ongoing conservation efforts to protect koalas and their habitats. Discuss the role of government agencies

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