Exploring the Diversity of Daffodils


Welcome to the world of daffodils! Discover the beauty and charm of these beloved spring flowers and get ready to explore the diverse range of daffodil types.

Classic Daffodil Varieties

Learn about the classic daffodil varieties that have captured the hearts of gardeners for generations. From the iconic 'King Alfred' to the delicate 'Thalia

Trumpet Daffodil Types

Dive into the world of trumpet daffodils, known for their large, trumpet-shaped cups. Discover popular varieties like 'Dutch Master,' 'Ice Follies

Double Daffodil Varieties

Double daffodils are known for their fully layered petals, creating a showy and lush appearance. Explore double daffodil types such as 'Tahiti,' 'Pink Charm

Miniature Daffodil Selections

These charming varieties, including 'Tete-a-Tete,' 'Minnow,' and 'Hawera,' bring a touch of whimsy and elegance to any garden or container.

Split-Corona Daffodil Choices

 Discover the unique appeal of split-corona daffodils, characterized by their distinctive split cups. Explore varieties like 'Replete,' 'Accent,

Jonquilla Daffodil Cultivars

Explore the fragrant world of Jonquilla daffodils, known for their sweet scent and multiple blooms per stem. Learn about varieties like 'Baby Moon,

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