Fostering Love Between Your Baby and Dog

Understanding the Problem

Dogs often see their owners as their parents, and can become jealous when a new baby arrives. They may perceive the baby as a threat, fearing the loss of attention.

Establishing Authority

It's crucial to establish your authority with your dog. Make it clear that they need to listen to you, especially when introducing something as important as a new baby.

Gradual Introduction

Avoid introducing the baby to the dog immediately. Keep the baby away from the dog initially, and avoid showing affection to the baby in front of your dog.

Familiarization Through Scent

Dogs familiarize themselves with new things through scent. Introduce your baby's scent by placing their clothes near the dog. If the dog behaves gently, praise them.

First Introduction

Gradually introduce your dog to the baby. Start by going for walks together. Show affection to both the baby and the dog simultaneously to reassure your dog.

Safety Precautions

Never leave a baby alone with a dog. If you have older children, instruct them not to hug the dog too tightly as this could be perceived as a threat.

Further Learning

For a deeper understanding of co-parenting a dog and a baby, consider reading Dr. Lewis Kirkham's book. It provides valuable insights to help you navigate this new dynamic.

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