Growing Roses in Oklahoma


Learn about the joy and rewards of cultivating these timeless flowers in your own backyard

Selecting the Right Rose Varieties for Oklahoma's Climate

Explore rose varieties that thrive in Oklahoma's climate, including heat-tolerant and disease-resistant options. From hybrid teas to floribundas

Preparing the Soil and Planting Roses

Learn about the importance of soil preparation for successful rose planting in Oklahoma. Understand the ideal soil composition and pH levels

Watering and Fertilizing

 Discover the watering needs of roses in Oklahoma's climate and the importance of consistent moisture levels

Pruning and Deadheading

Master the art of pruning and deadheading roses to maintain their shape, promote new growth, and encourage continuous blooming

Protecting Roses

Learn about proper mulching, winter protection, and strategies to shield your roses from temperature fluctuations.

Managing Common Rose Pests

Identify common pests and diseases that affect roses in Oklahoma and learn effective prevention and treatment methods. From aphids and black spot to powdery mildew

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