Gut-Healthy Meal Plan for Diabetes


 Learn about the connection between gut health and diabetes, and discover delicious recipes to incorporate into your daily meals.

Understanding Gut Health and Diabetes

Understand how the health of your gut microbiome can impact blood sugar control and overall diabetes management

Building a Gut-Healthy Plate

Explore the key principles of a gut-healthy plate for individuals with diabetes. Learn about the importance of incorporating fiber-rich foods

Daily Meal Plan

Dive into a sample day of gut-healthy meals designed specifically for individuals with diabetes. Explore breakfast, lunch, dinner

Breakfast Recipes

Explore options such as a fiber-rich oatmeal bowl with berries and nuts, a veggie-packed omelet

Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Discover flavorful options such as roasted salmon with quinoa and roasted vegetables

Snack Ideas

From crunchy raw vegetable sticks with hummus to homemade yogurt parfaits with berries and nuts

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan for Healthy Aging