Hawk Flies into Apartment


Begin with an introduction to the unique incident of a hawk flying into an apartment

The Hawk's Arrival

 highlighting the surprise and initial confusion of the resident.

Assessing the Situation

Discuss how the resident quickly assessed the situation and prioritized the safety of both themselves and the hawk.

Contacting Wildlife Professionals

Explain how the resident promptly contacted local wildlife professionals or animal control to seek guidance and assistance in handling the situation.

Creating an Exit Strategy

Describe the process of creating an exit strategy for the hawk, including opening windows and doors to provide a clear path for it to fly back to the outdoors.

Guiding the Hawk Out

Share the steps taken by the resident to gently guide the hawk towards the open windows or doors

Ensuring the Hawk's Safety

Discuss the importance of ensuring the hawk's safety throughout the process, including keeping pets and other potential sources of stress away from the area.

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