Helping Your Dog Enjoy Human Touch

The Importance of Touch

Touch is a form of comfort for dogs. If you get a puppy, they'll likely associate your touch with the comfort they would receive from their mother.

Starting Slow

If you have an adult dog, they may not initially enjoy your cuddle. Start slow by making your dog sit on your lap and gently touch their head.

Building Trust

As you cuddle your dog, talk to them in a soft voice to make them more comfortable. If they try to run away, hold them gently to reassure them that you're not trying to punish them.

Emotional Connection

Hold your dog's head and look deep into their eyes. This can help establish an emotional connection and make your dog feel more comfortable with your touch.

Recognizing Your Touch

After spending some time with you, your dog will start to recognize your touch. However, it's also important for them to stay calm when other people, like vets, touch them.

Introducing Friends

Ask a friend to join your cuddle session. Both of you should cuddle your dog and praise them. This helps your dog understand that they can trust your friend.

Expanding the Circle

Practice these "cuddle sessions" with different friends. Over time, your dog will start to enjoy human touch more broadly, enhancing their socialization and comfort with others.

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