Heroic Dog Saves Dog Brother from Coyote Attack


Learn more about how strong and loyal their relationship is.

The Coyote Encounter

 Find out about the immediate danger and the need to move right away to protect each other.

Act of Heroism

Learn about the bravery, resolve, and loyalty that led to the heroic escape.

Sibling Bond

 Learn about their shared past, how they trust each other, and the unbreakable bond that makes one of them do anything to keep the other safe.

The Battle Against the Coyote

 Find out how they have to be strong, creative, and determined to make sure each other's survival.

A Miraculous Rescue

Celebrate how they overcame a problem and how good it feels that they can still be close.

Inspiring Others

Learn from their bravery and willingness to help others. They are a strong reminder of how deep a dog's love can go.

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