How to Prune Roses in Summer for Healthy Growth

Introduction to Summer Rose Pruning

Discover the importance of pruning roses during the summer season to encourage new growth, remove dead or diseased wood

Timing and Tools

Learn the ideal time to prune roses in summer and gather the essential tools needed for the task

Assessing the Roses

Understand how to assess the condition of your roses before pruning. Identify dead, damaged, or crossing branches

Pruning Techniques

Explore various pruning techniques, including cutting at a 45-degree angle, removing suckers, and reducing the height of the rose bush

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Discover the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your pruning tools between cuts to prevent the spread of diseases

Shaping and Training

 Learn how to shape and train your roses by selectively removing branches to encourage desired growth patterns

Aftercare and Maintenance

Explore the post-pruning care needed for your roses, such as providing adequate water, fertilizer, and mulch

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