Keeping Your Equine Friend Happy and Healthy

Winter Horse Care Basics

Introduce the importance of winter care for horses and the key factors to consider. Highlight the significance of shelter,

Creating a Cozy Shelter

Explain the importance of providing adequate shelter for horses in winter. Discuss different options such as barns, run-in sheds

Feeding for Winter Wellness

Discuss the adjustments needed in a horse's diet during winter. Highlight the increased need for quality forage

Water Management

Offer practical solutions such as heated water buckets or tank heaters to ensure horses stay hydrated.

Winter Hoof Care

Discuss proper trimming, monitoring for hoof conditions like thrush or snowball formation, and the use of hoof boots or pads if necessary

Blanketing Considerations

 Discuss the use of blankets for horses in winter and factors to consider when choosing and fitting blankets

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Emphasize the importance of exercise and mental stimulation for horses during winter. Provide suggestions for engaging activities such as interactive feeders

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