Larry the Prime Minister Cat

Meet Larry

Introduce yourself to Larry, the charismatic cat who holds the esteemed position of Chief Mouser at 10 Downing Street

 Feline Tradition

Explore the long-standing tradition of cats residing at 10 Downing Street. Discover the historical significance of feline companions in British politics

Larry's Duties

Learn about the essential duties that Larry fulfills as the Chief Mouser. From rodent control to boosting morale

Popular Personality

Delve into Larry's popularity and charm. Discover how he captivates the public and media with his playful antics and photogenic appearances

A Symbol of Stability

Understand the symbolism behind Larry's presence at 10 Downing Street. Learn how he represents stability and brings a touch of warmth to the political environment

Political Mascot

Explore how Larry serves as a mascot for the British government, creating a positive image and fostering goodwill among citizens and visitors alike

Larry's Impact

Discover the impact that Larry has on the working environment at 10 Downing Street. Learn about the positive influence he has on staff and visitors

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