Lunging Your Horse Before Riding

The Importance of Lunging

Highlight the benefits of lunging for both physical and mental conditioning.

Pre-Ride Warm-up

Explain how lunging serves as an effective warm-up exercise for horses. Discuss how it helps to loosen muscles, increase circulation

Building Focus and Connection

Discuss how lunging helps to establish a focused and attentive mindset in horses

Developing Balance and Coordination

Highlight how lunging helps improve a horse's balance, coordination, and overall body awareness

 Training and Obedience

Explain how lunging can be used as a training tool to reinforce obedience and develop ground manners.

Proper Lunging Equipment

Discuss the essential equipment needed for lunging, including a lunge line, lunge whip, and properly fitted lunging cavesson or bridle

 Lunging Techniques

Describe various lunging techniques such as circles, changes of direction, and transitions between gaits

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