Managing Puppy Lunging at the Face


Welcome to our web story on understanding and managing puppy lunging at the face

Reasons for Puppy Face Lunging

Explore the various reasons why puppies may lunge at faces, including playfulness, seeking attention, teething

Redirecting the Behavior

Learn effective techniques to redirect your puppy's face lunging behavior. This includes providing appropriate chew toys

Consistency in Training

Discover the importance of consistency in training to address face lunging. Consistent commands, rewards for desired behaviors

Socialization and Exposure

Proper socialization and exposure to various stimuli are crucial for preventing face lunging. Learn how to gradually introduce your puppy to different people

Positive Reinforcement Training

Rewarding your puppy for calm and appropriate behavior can help reinforce positive habits and discourage face lunging.

Avoiding Rough Play

Rough play can contribute to face lunging behavior. Learn how to set boundaries during playtime and discourage overly aggressive behaviors

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