Meet the Top 7 Most Expensive Rabbit Breeds


Welcome to the universe of exclusive, high-end rabbit companions for the home.

English Angora

Famous for their fluffy fur, these rabbits can cost up to $500.

Continental Giant

Among the largest breeds, prices can reach $400.

Flemish Giant

Known for their impressive size, they can be priced upwards of $350.


Recognizable by their distinctive "mane", Lionheads can cost around $200-$300.

Jersey Wooly

With their compact size and wooly fur, prices often hover around $100-$200.

Holland Lop

Loved for their floppy ears and small size, these rabbits can cost up to $200.

Mini Rex

Known for their soft, velvety fur, these rabbits can be sold for up to $100.

Top 7 Most Expensive Bird Breeds