Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Won't Harm Your Dog

Spider Plant

Spider plants are easy to grow and non-toxic to animals, making them perfect for busy pet owners.

Guzmania Bromeliads

Guzmania bromeliads, with their brightly colored blooms, are non-toxic and sturdy, able to withstand playful pups.


Haworthia, a non-toxic and spineless succulent, is safe for the furry members of your household.

Ponytail Palm

The practically indestructible Ponytail Palm is an easy-care plant that's compatible with your pets.


Catnip is not only non-toxic but also a favorite among cats. It can be planted both inside and outside.

Money Tree

Money Trees are safe for pets and recommended for people with allergies and asthma.


Orchids, while looking fancy, are non-toxic and low-maintenance, adding an elegant touch to any space without endangering your dog.

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