The Mystery of Rare Dog Breeds

Popularity and Rarity

Popularity of dog breeds is based on registration, not on their qualities. Some breeds remain rare due to various factors.

Obsolete Jobs

Some breeds, like the Norwegian Lundehund, were bred for jobs that are now redundant, contributing to their rarity.

Foxhounds and Hunting

English and American Foxhounds were bred for hunting, a practice that has fallen out of favor, affecting their popularity.

High Prey Drives

Breeds with high prey drives, like Foxhounds, may not be suitable as house pets, leading to their decreased popularity.

Rarity Factors

Some breeds, like the Sloughi, are rare even in their native regions, contributing to their scarcity in other parts of the world.

Preserving Rare Breeds

Breed associations work hard to preserve and promote rare breeds, like the Sloughi and Cesky Terrier.

The Charm of Rarity

Despite their rarity, these breeds possess unique traits and qualities that make them endearing to their owners and enthusiasts.

The World of Corded Dog Breeds