Puffin Comes Close


Discover the excitement of a close encounter with a puffin and get ready to delve into the fascinating world of these charming seabirds.

Meet the Puffin

 Learn about the unique characteristics of puffins, including their colorful beaks, adorable appearance

Puffins in the Wild

Explore the natural habitats of puffins, such as coastal cliffs and islands, and discover why these locations are crucial for their breeding and nesting behaviors.

Close Encounters

Witness breathtaking photos and stories of people who have had unforgettable encounters with puffins

Puffin Behavior

Gain insights into the behavior of puffins, including their feeding habits, nesting rituals, and social interactions within their colonies.

Conservation Efforts

 Discover the conservation challenges faced by puffins, including habitat loss and changes in food availability

Interesting Puffin Facts

such as their ability to dive deep underwater in search of prey and their monogamous breeding pairs that return to the same nest sites each year.

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