Rescue Cat Finds Forever Home at Winery

Rescue Cat's Journey Begins

Follow the heartwarming journey of a rescue cat who finds a new beginning at a winery

Winery in Need of a Feline Friend

 Learn how a winery opens its doors to a rescue cat, seeking a companion to add warmth and charm to its vineyard setting.

Love at First Sight

Experience the magical moment when the winery staff and the rescue cat connect, and an adoption agreement is made

Settling into Winery Life

exploring its surroundings and becoming acquainted with the vineyard's unique atmosphere.

A Fur-Filled Welcome

who are greeted by its playful antics and affectionate nature during their wine tastings and tours.

The Cat-Wine Connection

 Learn how the cat's presence enhances the winery experience for visitors.

Becoming a Winery Family Member

Witness the heartwarming transformation of the rescue cat from a visitor attraction to a beloved member of the winery family, cherished by staff and guests alike.

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