Shopping for a Horse

 Assessing Your Needs

 Discuss the importance of identifying your needs and goals as a rider. Consider factors such as discipline, skill level, intended use

Setting a Budget

Provide guidance on setting a realistic budget for purchasing a horse. Discuss considerations such as initial purchase cost, ongoing expenses

Researching Breeds and Types

Introduce various horse breeds and types, highlighting their characteristics, temperaments, and suitability for different disciplines

Evaluating Horses

Share essential tips for evaluating potential horses. Discuss key factors to assess, including conformation, movement, temperament, health history, and training level.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Explain the importance of conducting pre-purchase exams to ensure the horse's health and soundness

Test Riding and Handling

Encourage prospective buyers to schedule test rides and handling sessions to assess the horse's rideability and compatibility

Obtaining Additional Information

Provide guidance on gathering additional information about the horse, such as obtaining a complete health record

Beat the Heat for a Safe and Enjoyable Ride