Southern Pollinator Plants

Introduction to Southern Pollinator Plants

Explore the importance of attracting pollinators to your garden and learn how to create a vibrant and biodiverse landscape in the southern region.

The Benefits of Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

 Discuss the vital role of pollinators in garden ecosystems and the benefits they provide, including enhanced plant reproduction

Native Plants for Southern Pollinators

Explore native plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators in the southern region. Discuss their adaptability to the climate

Butterfly Magnets

Highlight specific plants that are known to attract butterflies in the southern region. Discuss their butterfly-friendly features

Bee-Friendly Plants for Southern Gardens

Discuss plants that are particularly attractive to bees in the southern region. Highlight their nectar and pollen-producing characteristics

Pollinator Plants for Southern Shade Gardens

Discuss shade-tolerant plants with nectar-rich blooms that can thrive in areas with limited sunlight.

 Extended Blooming Season

Share plant choices that provide nectar and blooms throughout the year in the southern region.

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