The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World


Travelling with your dog? Discover the world's most dog-friendly cities that make your pet feel right at home.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam boasts many dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and even allows dogs on public transport.

San Francisco, USA

With numerous off-leash parks, dog-friendly beaches, and restaurants, San Francisco is a dog's dream city.

Berlin, Germany

Dogs are welcome in most of Berlin's public spaces. The city also offers excellent vet care facilities.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto hosts several pet-friendly events, has extensive dog parks, and pet-friendly lodging options.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne offers dog-friendly beaches, parks, and a multitude of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm provides plenty of open spaces, dog parks, and is known for its pet-friendly public transportation.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to numerous pet boutiques, dog-friendly parks, and even some pet-friendly offices!


These cities prove that the world can be just as exciting for our four-legged friends. Happy travels!

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