Tips For Small Dog Training

Importance of Training

Training is just as important for small breed dogs as it is for large breed dogs. Lack of training can lead to behavior problems, including aggression and incessant barking.

Establish Authority

Small dogs often get privileges that larger dogs do not. To let your small dog know you are in charge, get him started on a Nothing in Life is Free program.

Training Level

Training a small dog can be hard on your back and scary for your dog. Start at the same level as your dog to put him at ease and save your back.

Positive Reinforcement

Techniques like clicker training and other reward-based training can be very effective and less intimidating for your small dog.


Small dogs often have smaller bladders than larger dogs and may need a few extra trips outside each day.

Advanced Training

Small dogs can do well at dog sports, such as agility and Earthdog, as well as advanced obedience.


With proper training and socialization, small dogs make wonderful companions who are welcomed wherever you go.

Tips For Caring Small Dogs