Top 7 Dog Breeds That Are Easiest To Train


Poodles, in all their varieties - Standard, Miniature, and Toy - are intelligent dogs that are eager to please and pick up training very quickly.

Golden Retriever

They are one of the most easily trained dogs because they are forgiving of their owner’s mistakes and enjoy learning new behaviors.

Labrador Retriever

America’s favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever, is sweet, fun-loving, and easy to train. They want nothing more than to keep their owners happy.


Both the Smooth and Rough Collies are large herding dogs that are intelligent and easy to train. They were bred to be independent workers yet sensitive to their owner’s needs.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is intelligent and easy to train. This breed needs a job to stay happy but enjoys training and can succeed in a variety of dog sports.


The Papillon is a hidden gem in the group of toy breeds. These dogs are very intelligent, eager to please, and active dogs that enjoy learning new behaviors.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a strong-willed, independent herding dog but is intelligent and sensitive to their owners.

The intelligence of various Dog Breeds