Top 7 Rabbit Breeds for Your Home

Mini Lop

Mini Lops are small, cuddly rabbits with lop ears, known for their sweet and friendly nature, making them ideal for families.

Netherland Dwarf

These tiny rabbits are full of personality and are great for small living spaces, thanks to their compact size.

Holland Lop

Holland Lops have a charming appearance with their lop ears and compact bodies, making them popular house pets.


With their distinctive mane-like fur around their head, Lionhead rabbits are not only adorable but also make wonderful companions.


Rex rabbits have soft, velvety fur and come in various colors, making them a delight to pet and snuggle with at home.

English Angora

Known for their long, luxurious wool-like fur, English Angoras are gentle rabbits that require regular grooming.

Flemish Giant

Despite their large size, Flemish Giants have a docile temperament and can adapt well to indoor living.

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