Understanding and Caring for Your Reptile's Health


Find out what the femoral pores of a Bearded Dragon mean and how they affect the health of the lizard

Femoral Pores

Learn how these special glands help the health and well-being of your lizard as a whole.

Cleaning Femoral Pores

 Find out how important it is to stay clean to avoid getting sick and having problems.

Signs of Femoral Pore Problems

 Find common problems, like blockages or too much waste, and know when you need help from a veterinarian.

Femoral Pore Maintenance

 Find out how often you need to clean and groom your reptile's femoral pores to keep them healthy.

Proper Diet and Hydration

 Learn how giving them a balanced diet and making sure they drink enough water can help their general health.

Vet Care

Find out when you should talk to a professional to make sure your snake friend is healthy.

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