Understanding Laminitis in Horses


 Provide an overview of laminitis and founder, explaining that they are both painful conditions affecting the hooves of horses

Causes of Laminitis

 Explore the common causes of laminitis, such as dietary changes, obesity, excessive grain consumption, hormonal imbalances

Recognizing the Symptoms

Highlight the key symptoms of laminitis, including lameness, shifting weight, increased digital pulse, heat in the hooves, reluctance to move, and changes in hoof shape

Diagnostic Process

Discuss the diagnostic procedures for laminitis, including physical examination, hoof testing, radiographs, and possibly bloodwork

Treatment Approaches

Explore the various treatment options for laminitis, which may include pain management, stall rest, hoof trimming

Prevention Strategies

Provide practical tips for preventing laminitis, such as maintaining a healthy weight, implementing a balanced diet, providing regular exercise, proper hoof care, and reducing stress

Supportive Care

Discuss additional measures to support a horse's recovery from laminitis, including soft bedding, non-slip surfaces

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