Understanding Your Dog's Tears: What Do They Mean?

Scratched Cornea

A scratched cornea, often from play, can cause your dog's eyes to water. Other signs include pawing at the eye and frequent blinking.


Yellow, mucusy, or bloody tears can indicate an eye infection. Look for other symptoms like a swollen or irritated eye area.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Blocked tear ducts can cause tears to flow from your dog's eyes. Long-term blockage may lead to skin irritation or discolored fur around the eyes.


Allergies to things like dander, dust, or pollen can cause your dog's eyes to water. Other allergy symptoms may also be present.

Not Emotional Tears

Unlike humans, dogs' tears aren't caused by emotions. If your dog's eyes are watering, it's usually a sign of a physical issue.

Veterinary Help

If your dog's eyes are consistently watering, it's important to seek veterinary help. They can diagnose and treat the underlying issue.

Understanding Your Dog

Understanding your dog's tears can help you provide better care and ensure their comfort and health.

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