Unlocking the Mysteries of Cat Coat Patterns

A Tapestry of Patterns

Introduce the captivating world of cat coat patterns and the diverse range of patterns seen in different feline breeds

The Agouti Gene

Highlight the role of the agouti gene in determining the background color and banding patterns seen in tabby cats

Unraveling Tabby Patterns

 Discuss how variations in the tabby gene influence the width and arrangement of stripes on a cat's coat.

Beyond Tabby

which involve the interaction of multiple genes and the phenomenon of X-chromosome inactivation. Explain how these patterns create a mosaic of colors.

The Spotted Gene

 Explain how variations in this gene determine the size, shape, and distribution of spots on a cat's fur.

Modifiers and Gene Interactions

 Discuss how these factors can further modify the expression of stripes, spots, and other patterns.

Inheritance and Variation

Explain how genetic variation contributes to the diversity of coat patterns observed in different cat populations.

The Mystery of Cats White Socks