Why Do Aquarium Fish Fight


Explore the interesting world of fish fighting in aquariums and learn why fish are so aggressive

Territorial Behavior

Learn how important it is to give your pet enough room and places to hide in order to reduce aggression and set up territories.

Compatibility Issues

Find out how to choose fish that will get along with each other and make a peaceful community where different kinds of fish can live together

A Recipe for Conflict

Learn how many fish you should put in a tank and how to reduce stress to keep the tank calm.

Mating and Breeding Behavior

 Explore ways to control the way your aquatic community breeds and reduce fights.

Food and Resource Competition

how to change the layout of the tank, and why it's important to give them enough food to stop them from being aggressive.

Bringing Peace to Your Aquarium

Learn why fish fight and take steps to make your tank a peaceful place where your watery friends can live and grow together.

Vibrant and Fascinating Species for Your Aquarium