Why Do Dogs Show Their Teeth

Decoding the Display

Enter the world of how dogs talk to each other as we look into why they may show their teeth

Aggressive Intent

 See how important it is to understand the context of teeth-baring by noticing the body language that goes along with it, like a stiff stance, growling, or raised fur

Fear and Anxiety

Find out that dogs can show their teeth as a defensive move when they feel scared or uncomfortable

Submission and Stress

Find out why and how dogs may show their teeth when they are nervous or feeling stressed

Playful Expressions

Feel the joy and playfulness behind this behavior and know that it is a nice and non-threatening show

Individual Factors

When figuring out what a dog's teeth-baring means, it's important to remember that each dog is different

Building Trust

Encourage people to pay attention to and respect dogs' ways of communicating, like showing their teeth, to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere

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