Why Is My Cat Not Eating


Understand the significance of a cat's appetite and the potential concerns when your cat is not eating as usual.

Common Causes of a Cat Not Eating

Explore various factors that can contribute to a cat's decreased appetite, including illness, stress, dental issues

Medical Reasons for a Cat Not Eating

Learn about common medical conditions that can affect a cat's appetite, such as gastrointestinal problems, dental disease

Stress and Environmental Factors

Discover how stress, changes in the environment, or disruptions in routine can impact a cat's eating habits and what you can do to alleviate stressors.

Food-related Reasons for a Cat Not Eating

Understand how the type of food, feeding schedule, food temperature, and food presentation can influence a cat's appetite and preferences.

Encouraging Your Cat to Eat

Find practical tips to encourage your cat to eat, including offering a variety of foods, warming the food, feeding small and frequent meals, and creating a calm eating environment.

When to Seek Veterinary Care

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Dirty Cat Ears or Ear Mites